The Service

The greatest strength and appeal of custom-building a bike is that the buyer is in charge of every aspect, starting with the goals and priorities for the build. For some, it might be embracing the latest technology and/or aerodynamics; others may choose to concentrate on weight, specific colours, or replicating a team bike; it is even possible to work with a strict budget and/or recycle parts that have been laying around in the shed for some time. 

In the past, buyers looking for a custom road bike relied heavily on a good bike shop to obtain all the parts they needed, otherwise they spent a lot of time travelling to, or phoning, different shops to track down specific brands. Now, online shopping has simplified that process, there is no need to leave your home, or if you prefer I can use my trusted and long standing relationships to obtain the best price for your components and manage the delivery.


The initial consultation will help Chris to fully understand you, the type of riding you do and what your aspirations, needs and budgets are.  With this information Chris will be able to recommend a level of bike frame and components to meet the demands of your riding style and budget. 

Tailored Measurements

The importance of a well fitting bike is paramount. Chris will take a number of key mesurements and guide you through a pre-purchase bike fit to determine the correct size frame and components.

Build Specification

Once Chris has determined your riding style and frame size he will suggest the frame options and components available to you and work with you to decide the final specifications

Build & Delivery

When you are happy with the final specifications, Chris will arrange for all the components to be delivered to his workshop and the build will commence. Once the bike is complete Chris will invite you to come and view the bike and complete any last adjustments.

Aftersales & Service

With every bike build you will be offered a free service after 6 weeks. Regular maintenance and service can be arranged to suit your needs.

Professional Bike Fit